Call For Proposals

We are organising the Jardin Entropique at Rennes (Fr), from the 26th to the 28th of june, to discuss crucial questions about technology today, based on four themes:

  • Can the internet help to reinforce diversity of identity?
  • Can technology encourage the reappropriation by citizens of their environment?
  • How to encourage the appropriation of the freedom of computer science, for increased control in daily online use?
  • How to sustain communication tools that are genuinely free in a context which does not encourage freedom of expression?
Following on from the Breizh Entropy Congress and the Jardin Numérique, this event will include a shared space between the already initiated and the curious. With the aim to increase understanding of the issues, to identify alternatives, to introduce and promote technological reappropriation for a "free" (as in freedom) computer science. In other words, what is freedom of expression in the digital age, and the tools and methods that allow everyone to exercise it.
Debates, conferences, presentations, workshops, creations, performances and other propositions are eagerley awaited! NB: We are grateful for any kind of distribution of this CfP!


You can submit individual or group proposals. We accept propositions in the following formats:
  • Conference
  • Round table
  • Lightning talk
  • Workshop
  • Concert
  • Performance art
  • Exhibitions and artistic installations
  • Posters
  • ...


Send your proposition before May 11th 2015 to Please make sure to include the following points:
  • Format (workshop, conference...)
  • Title
  • Name/Nickname of the speaker(s)/artist(s)
  • Language (if pertinent): French/English
  • Resume of the proposition (maximum 500 words)
  • Short biography
  • Materials needed
  • E-mail and (if possible) mobile phone number
  • Eventual complemantary link(s)
  • Resume of the presentation proposed (title, format, presentation, speaker) maximum of 125 words (to diffuse on the internet site and the programmes)


Venue :
Jardin Moderne
11 Rue du Manoir de Servigné
35000 Rennes, France

Ateliers du Vent
59 Rue Alexandre Duval
35000 Rennes

Entrance fee: FREE!
From: Friday 26th of June 2015
Until: Sunday 28th of June 2015
Submission deadline: 10th May, 23:59
Notification of acceptance: 25th May
Publication of shedule: 31st May As soon as possible

Mail CfP (to send your proposals):
Contact orga (for anything else):


Jardin Entropique is organised by 3Hit Combo, le Jardin Moderne and Breizh-Entropy.
There is not actually any specific funding dedicated to the event. We cannot, at the moment, guarantee travel expenses or lodging but we are working on this and will do everything possible to welcome you in the best conditions.
Jardin Entropique is not an academic conference.


- Hugues Aubin
Hugues is one of the founder of the fablab of the city of Rennes, the labfab. Dinosaur of the web, he codes and build mashups and personal prototypes under the name of Hugobiwan Zolnir both in virtual and real worlds for years. In charge of the ICT at the Rennes Metropolitan area, he is officialy involved in many organizations and events about territories, people and digital field. At the other side, under the name of hugobiwan he founded the French Speaking Library of the Metaverse, and continues to learn, teach and make things with robots, data, people, and places.
- Sébastien Bourdeauducq
Sébastien is the founder of M-Labs (formerly known as Milkymist), a community and company building sophisticated open source hardware and software systems. He is currently working on ARTIQ, a next generation open source control system for quantum computing and other Black Mesa style experiments. He was one of the main organizers of the Breizh Entropy Congress in 2010, and of the two editions of EHSM. Web:
- Pauline Boyer
Pauline is a sound artist. She creates scenic devices, scenographies and other installations using real time compositions, filling up both the soundscape and her laptop. She educates students to the art languages at the Bordeaux School of Architecture and Landscape. Therefore, she lives and works in the railway.
- Guillaume Brunet
Guillaume is onto the open source/hardware machines, he works actually in l'atelier du c01n at la Labomedia. He is fond of moving stuff that makes noise and of oldschool sound, music and visual computing. Short story he experiment things in social-philosophycal-technic-of-the-life ...
- Louis Carrese
Louis is a developer, but not only.After getting degreed in network administration, back in 2003, and then having a degree from the Epitech Paris in 2007, he works for a major software company, within he works for some big counts of the telecom sector. Since 2014, as he is into evrything, he has been coming back to the social, cultural and creative aspects of computing, throughout his activity as an independant IT specialist craftman. He is also one of the Le Jardin Moderne's volunteer administrators.
- Pascal Chevrel
Pascal has been involved in the Mozilla project since 2001 and works for Mozilla since 2006 as a community builder and localization engineer. Along the years, he participated in the creation of multiple projects such as Firefox and Thunderbird as well as non profits around the Mozilla project, such as Mozilla Europe, Mozilla Hispano or MozFR. Today, he mostly works on shipping content for Firefox, Thunderbird and Firefox OS in more than 80 languages on, all of that thanks to a network of hundreds of FLOSS volunteers around the world.
- Randall Cinelli
Musician, teacher in learning methods for modern musics. Has created the "Advisor Musician", meant for professionnal and non-professionnal musicians on their way to professionalization, regardless of their age or artistic style. Targeting relational dynamic, creativity and confidence.
- Pierre (Emoc) Commenge
emoc finds out the word "personal computing" in 1982. He then learns to compose exciting graphics programs in basic on a ZX81 with a large black and white TV. After watching "wargames" in 1984, the word "modem" enriches his vocabulary, he imagines moving towards the field but becomes disenchanted by discovering the worrying job of "computer engineer" and instead, heads to an architect's training for he draws not too bad. In 1997, thanks to the word "hyperlink" he turns into a "webmaster". Today he's still tinkering with code and electronics, like (developer || (hyper || multi || new) media designer || digital maker).
- Pierre Cosquer
Pierre is an active member of Actux, a local Linux user group in Rennes. He was (a bit) involved at the beginning of Breizh Entropy hackerspace and was member of Breizh Entropy Congress' program committee. Today, he continues to spam its mailing lists to announce the traditional "apéros du libre". He believes in Python, the best programming language.
- Elisa de Castro Guerra
Elisa de Castro Guerra graphic designer with Floss tools, and trainer in graphic design & web. Founder of Floss Manuals Francophone to promote free documentation about Free Libre Open Source Software, open hardware and free culture. Also, she is teacher in french university about digital culture. She works with Cedric Gemy in Activdesign.
- Yann Chauvière
Yann Chauvière (CdV) is the co-founder of NES (NESblog), lecturer and organiser of conferences on gaming such as Stunfest (Game Design, Culture & Société). He is a member of 3hitcombo, independant reviewer of the Speedrun (SpeedGame & 88MpH). Finally he is a musician, game designer and philosopher in his spare time !
- Nicolas Diaz
Nicolas is a "hacktivist". After his studies in linguistics in 1996 , he contracted the geek "virus". Self-taught, he turned to webmastering. In 1999, within the FIDH, Nicolas is trained by a Navy systems and network engineer. And for more than fifteen years, he has been training human rights defenders and journalists from several countries (Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Mali , Gambia ... ) so that they can improve the security of their communications. Nicolas is particularly interested in the security of information systems and technological sovereignty through the promotion and defense of FLOSS.
- Thomas Francois
Multimedia author, active in the fields of gleaning and using any sort of digital and gaming device in an original way (gaming furniture, installations, mapping…). Living in Rennes, he contributes to the Artistic's Containers to try to connect people through digital and leisure media.
- Cédric Gémy
Cedric Gemy is author, graphic designer and trainer. He use freesoftware. Founder of Floss Manuals Francophone to promote free documentation about Free Libre Open Source Software, open hardxare and free culture. Also he is teacher, since a long time, in science of education at University. He found Activdesign, a center to learn how work with FLOSS tools in digital art and web.
- Mathieu (geb) Goessens
Mathieu is one of the founders and main contributor of the hackerspace Breizh-Entropy in Rennes. He is a Free/Libre/Opensource Software passionate, giving hand in various projects. He use to work as SysAdmin, Developper, Trainer/Teacher, P2P Researcher, Technical Manager... In beer he trusts, with ibniz he makes noise (maybe reversed).
- Diane Grenier
Diane Grenier is an artist in the INIT collective and questions digital technologies by pushing them to the limit. Hacking, irony and Pure Data are her favorite tools to better reveal and emphasize the fantasms, hopes and dreads that we project on technology, and its effects on our lives. She volunteers at university workshops, organizes exhibitions, and generally shares her fondness of digital freedom, including through Ibniz.
- Francois Xavier (FX) GUIDET
Free Software user since 1996, Learn Telecom ;-) , CEO @ FACTORFX / Co founder of the GoldOrHack Hackerspace in Normandy // Participate @ Defcon, Wth, HAR, and OHM. Teach Linux/Security/Voip at University of Rennes. Promote Free Software. Work in progress : Manche Open School "Social intégration via the open source courses"
- gwenchlan
Computer scientist (Ph.D. in distributed systems) and supporter of privacy (operates WIDROP and, contributes to breizh-entropy). Aware of the power of computing when applied to political struggle. Naturally attracted by abstraction, for problem solving in his own reality.
- John Lejeune
Amateur gardener, École européenne supérieure d'art de Bretagne.
- Metallurgeek
Ph.D. in fundamental Computer Science. I am a bit interested on how technological objects work. I am *eagerly* interested on how technological objects *don't work*.
- Gaetan Hervé
Gaëtan Hervé is a musician and a digital artist. He is a member of La Sophiste, a collective who works on concepting intercative visual and sound devices, as an artistic creation. In 2015, one of the main theme that the group will deal with will be The Digital & public
- Ludovic Hirlimann
Euh pfffu. I've been using computers since 1984 - been loving them since the beginning of the 90's. Been using OSS since probably 1991. I currently work as root@ but have been doing consulting and been the QA guy for some products.
- Aymeric Lesné
Edupunk, revolves around questions of digital uses in the field of education and especially when game is sprinkled on it. Founding member of 3HitCombo , current " homo ludens " there; had a carousel ride at the fine arts of Rennes and in the Usetic / Tef Rennes2 sector. Meanwhile, played and plays as a multimedia animator, cultural mediator , trainer, digital tricks donor and handyman of pixelated strings.
- Joel (isAAAc) Pastol
DJ Live Producer on Amiga1200, Beyond, Association of Autonomous Astronauts // Co-founder of the "Klub des Krasheurs" (Krashtest Radio Show on Radio Campus Rennes, Krashnoz Parties @ Jardin Moderne), Special Educator, Linux Addicted since 2000, Toulouse Hacker Space Factory contributor (THSF, huge presence at the bar) // Alternative's Explorer and their consequences in Psycho-Social Changes. isAAAc works as AdminSys.
- Jessica Pin
With a degree in communication, Jessica Pin fell into the cauldron of digital technologies during her studies by focusing mainly on uses (metaverse, biometrics, digital art ...). Back in 2011 that she made a great encounter with Arduino, fablabs and third places. To complete his Jedi training in electronics and computer, she founded with some buddies the first "fablab" in Brest: TyFab. Since then, she has been involved in the association Maison du Libre & works as director of Cantine Numérique Brest. Keywords: #empowerment #FREE
- RzR
GNU/Linux since 1996, software programmer, FLOSS contributor, cares today about mobile computing, IoT... He's interested by social transformations induced by technology, ethic, privacy, ownership, society cohesion which are some serious concerns for now and the future. Community supporter by helping to enhance cooperation between differents projects.
- Julien Stainer
Julien is about to defend his PhD on computability in asynchronous crash-prone distributed systems. He prepared it at IRISA under the supervision of Michel Raynal in the ASAP team and is about to start a post-doc at EPFL. He has been a free software advocate, hobbyist sysadmin and developper for several years. In another life he used to teach maths and computer science. His main topics of interest are distributed systems, network applications, security, cryptography and privacy.
- Spideralex
At Tactical Tech, Alex coordinates the project "Securing Online and Offline Freedoms for Women: Expression, Privacy and Digital Inclusion." She is a sociologist and a researcher on ICT for the public good, and holds a PhD in social economy. For the last decade, she has been involved in the development of technological sovereignty initiatives for social and political transformation within neighbourhood communities, engaged research networks, social movements, immigrant teenagers and women's groups.
- Laurent Toutain
Laurent TOUTAIN is Associate Professor at Télécom Bretagne in the Network, Security and Multimedia Department. He is the head of the OCIF team (Communicating Objects Future Internet). He has been working for many years in IPv6 (IPv6 Integration, auto-configuration…). He is a founding member of the G6 group, which regroups, since 1995, the French-speaking researchers on IPv6. He is currently working on the domain of Internet of Things. His research interests are on the evolution of the IP protocols and architectures to fit IoT needs and the applicability to Smart Grid. Since 2012 he manages the Smart Grid Competence Center jointly with Texas Instruments and Itron. He authored several books on the topic of computer networks.
- Amandine Vandermeir
As a projects mediator at Le Jardin Moderne since April 2014, Amandine welcomes and goes with cultural associations, and organises Le Jardin Moderne's own events, which essentially focus on the local scene. In 2012, 2013 and 2014, Le Jardin Moderne has organised Jardin Numérique's festival, which dealt with creative artistic practices and open initiatives.
- pls
After have worked as an EE various fields like space coms, aerospace, security and DIY communities, pls is now into computer science applied to distributed systems. Started to be interested in reverse engineering of hardware and pentesting many years ago. Hovering around different hackerspaces, organized and took part on various hackmeeting, teaching communication security among various (h)ac(k)tivists groups when not busy lockpicking.